Matthew 24 Fulfilled!
War And Rumors of War!!


ou will hear of wars and rumors of wars…Nation will rise against nation…”

Matthew 24:6,7

War has been a scourge of the world and mankind for thousands of years, but no period in history has witnessed the escalation of wars as has the last hundred years.

Three times as many people--110 million--fell victim to war in the 20th century as in all the conflicts from the first century ad to 1899.

Since the end of World War II, there have been at least 130 wars, killing more than 23 million people directly, and another 20 million through famine and other war-related disruptions. The 20th-century wars were “total wars” against combatants and civilians alike.

The barbarian wars of centuries past were alley fights in comparison. The innocent have paid the greatest price in wars, the data show. Between 1990 and 2000 alone, 2 million children were killed. Since 1945, wars have produced 35 million refugees.

Iraq War Scene

thnic Cleansing and Tribal Terror

The Greek word for "nation" originally used in this prophecy, "nation shall rise against nation," is ethnos, which is more accurately translated "a race" or "a tribe." In other words, Jesus was saying that ethnic groups would rise against each other.

This has been tragically fulfilled in recent times. Pulitzer prize-winning historian Arthur Schlesinger warns, "If the 20th century has been the century of the warfare of ideologies, the 21st century begins as the century of the warfare of ethnicities." *

Citing Stalin's purges, China's Cultural Revolution, Cambodia's killing fields, the so-called ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, the horrors of Rwanda, etc., the Associated Press (AP) reports that during the 20th century the murders perpetrated by nations against their own people exceed the deaths caused by wars with rivals outside their borders—170 million lives, by one estimate. Ours is the century that coined the term "genocide."**

*"Is a World Without War Possible?" Awake, 22 Apr 1996.** Levinson, Arlene. "20th Century Awash in Blood," AP, 16 Sep 95

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