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A spark of inspiration can go a long way. I know money can’t buy happiness but, it sure does come close to it. It’s easy to have money and then say money is not happiness. But, it’s a different ballgame altogether when you don’t food in the ladder and a roof on your head. It’s different when you don’t have new clothes to wear and no presents on Christmas. It’s different when you can’t pay your child’s tuition fee and have to stop sending him to school.

In such times, money can buy happiness. For people who have nothing, food, shoes, clothes, school fees, new books and vacations do mean happiness, a world of happiness.

It is truer that happiness comes from within but, bodily comfort and external luxuries are also important. How can you expect to be happy from inside when you are cold and hungry, bare feet and deprived of even the basic necessities of life?

People in Africa and Asia and many other parts of the world live in slums, and go for days without a decent meal. Families of nine to eleven people spend the entire month on the same amount of money as we spend on one meal in a fancy restaurant.

On the other hand, there are people who have all the luxuries in the world and still cannot sleep at night. For those people, happiness is much harder to find and deep seeded. They do social work, help family members, do a kind deed or simply remember God in all their actions. These are the acts which bring inner peace and help us sleep better at night.

Theses are the deeds which actually make us really rich in the true sense.

The test of faith is different for different people. For poor people, the tests are easy and God will not judge them in the same manner. In Islam, they believe that the poor people will enter paradise 500,000 years before the rich because they will not be judged in the same manner as the rich.

That makes you really wonder who is actually rich and who is poor in the end!!!

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Feb 24, 2012
by: Elisabeth Constantine

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