Happiness Quotes
Pt 4

Happiness Formula #4: Get Your Praise Muscles Working!

All happiness quotes are from Jesus, unless otherwise noted

raise Me all throughout the day, even as you work. This is the secret of happiness, the secret of rising above.

don't mean that every day will be a bed of roses, or that there won't be "down" times of lesser excitement and thrills. But the highs of My Spirit are available to you all the time. Just reach out and connect with Me. Ask Me for a message. Ask Me for a neat word picture for your day. Ask Me to give you a special touch of My love. These things might not seem so "wow" to you, but they're all part of receiving the happiness of My Spirit.

eaching out to others in love is another way to experience the highs I want to give you. As you lead that lost soul to Me, as you pour into your younger brothers and sisters, or do something in self-sacrifice for someone else, I will fill you with My joy; I will pour on the feelings of freedom and fulfillment. It's part of the rewards of obedience. It's part of My love for you.

he joy of the Lord is your strength” (Neh.8:10b). Don’t let the Enemy take away that joy by lying to you, and getting your eyes on the hole instead of the doughnut. Look up to Me, praise Me, and partake of My thrills any time. There are so many waiting to be poured down on you.

appiness is contagious. Spread your positive attitude around today by thinking, saying, and doing only praiseful things, and lifting Me up in your conversation. Watch how quickly it catches on with others, and makes them happy too.

dwell in your praises, and as you take the time to stop and ponder all that I have done this year, yet another year that I have kept you and prospered you, you will find real joy, and this joy will not only be your strength, but it will be Mine as well, for it will spur Me on to do more for you in greater ways.

wish for you to find this joy within your hearts as something that you can give Me. For as you let your heart embrace all the love I have for you, you will be filled with warmth. You will have grasped its true meaning. It will come alive to you today and in all that you do.

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