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All happiness quotes are from Jesus, unless otherwise noted

ou can be happy; you're allowed to be. You're allowed to enjoy life again. You're allowed to live. You're allowed to be hopeful for the future even if you've made a mess of the present. You're allowed to believe that I love you even if you think you've disappointed Me. You're allowed to give and share large portions of love, because you're never going to run out. You're allowed to have fun and let yourself relax, because these things are good and healthy and I love to see you do them.

And very important, you're allowed to never, ever have to listen to the Devil again and let him tell you how no-good and worthless you are! You never have to listen to that message of doom and gloom.

don't want to see you just resign yourself to circumstances in a helpless sort of way, figuring you just have to live with your lot in life.

I want you to trust Me so much that you don't even have anything to resign yourself to, but instead you're perfectly happy with the timing and order of events in your life, and with what I'm giving you at the moment, and full of faith that I have everything planned to a T and I won't forget anything.

he Enemy tries so many things to steal away your joy: weariness with the battle; stress; trying to get you to take the problems on your own shoulders; trying to get you to look at things in the negative and keep you from seeing the positive; trying to destroy and distort the way I want you to see things and instead getting you to look at what's around you and let circumstances dictate your happiness.

But, My loves, it doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to let him warp your mindset. You can choose to retain your joy and just not let go of it.

And that's what I expect from you. I want you to realize that joy and peace and happiness in your heart should be constants in your life for Me. They should not be dictated by how things look or what is going on around you. There's no reason for them to be!

y joy is a state of mind—something that you can consciously choose to put on and accept from Me. It's not something you'll wake up in the morning with, unless you've already made an effort to put it on the previous day.

It's not even going to be something you're always going to feel like doing. Your flesh and mind might feel sad, and if you're sitting around in that sadness waiting for My joy to strike you like a lightning bolt, it's not going to happen. You have to go get that happiness and joy.

he happiness I bring is faith-based; it sees beyond the moment and revels in the eternal nature of My love for you.

It's the essence of the quote: "If we know that God loves us, we know that everything is going to be okay."

And then I take it a step further to add that if we know that God loves us and everything's going to be okay, then there is nothing to hold us back from having the time of our lives seeing what God has in store for us, how He's going to bring victory, and how He's going to make us so happy.

here is absolutely no reason to be negative or to compare! Nothing in your life—no physical circumstance or condition—should have the power to steal away your joy, happiness, and contentment.

The secret to happiness is, "Be content!" I have ordained your life to be the way that it is, and as you thank Me for even the seeming "stones" of your life, you will find them transforming before your eyes into the bread they have been all along.

never take something away from you without giving you something better. The mistake people make is that they look for the same kind of thing as what I asked them to give up for Me.

Sometimes My recompense comes in similar form, but often it does not. Don't put Me, or your own happiness, in a box by looking for My blessings only along certain avenues. I can, and will, bless your life in many ways, and not always as you might expect. But what you can count on is that there will always be a greater gift and blessing to make up for any loss or forsaking.

hy not fly with Me and let Me take you away from anything despairing or doubtful? I can cover you with My blanket of joy that can help you to not only enjoy all the little, beautiful, fun things in life, but can also shield and insulate you against all the bad things in life that tend to suck your fragile little earthly joy away.

Start looking for the things in each day that I bring along to make you happy, to give you pleasure or enjoyment or satisfaction or contentment. There are big things too, but focus first on the small things. I want to see you enjoying these gifts of My love guilt-free, because they are all part of My love for you.

I want to see you take pleasure in every blessing that I've given you. But I also want to teach you a more permanent joy, a more lasting happiness that isn't dependent merely on earthly things.

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