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All happiness quotes are from Jesus, unless otherwise noted

appiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, contentment, peace, and joy are not contingent on the things of the physical, on your surroundings, on your lacks or problems, but they are contingent on your choices.

appiness and contentment are in your attitude! It's all in your perspective and your outlook. It's a matter of taking on My mind, of looking at situations and circumstances and even yourself through My eyes, seeing things from My view—even if you have to take it by faith.

There's just no reason to be discouraged, to feel down, and to let the things of this world get to you. Why should such trivial things muddy your view, steal your joy, and bring defeat and discouragement? That's what the Enemy wants, but I have a better way.

t's not your circumstances that determine your happiness; it's your state of mind.

eek to be triumphant, and that spirit of victory will become alive in you. Search for ways to see the good in all that is happening, and you will begin to live the good.

urn to Me for your happiness and stability and that's what you will find. Desire contentment in how things are today, not how they could be, and you will find the satisfaction you long for.

he Enemy only has claim to what you give him. He cannot steal your joy and happiness away; it's your choice whether he can take it. He will taunt you, he will hit you with everything, and he will haggle you until you give in, or better yet, until you turn around and tell him to get lost.

hoose to be victorious regardless of how you feel in the physical, claim the keys and go on the attack, and that choice will become reality. Choose contentment over all the things the Enemy's pointing out to you to get your eyes off of Me, and as you make that decision you will find contentment.

ife's greatest lessons are mastered through learning to make something good out of the seeming bad.

It's being faced with a difficult and troublesome time and rather than getting down about it, rejoicing for the good that can be found, or if none can be found, then being thankful for the sunny days and the happy times that you have known and that are yet to come.

his is what rising above is all about. That is how you will find the victory. The difficulties and struggles will not necessarily vanish, but the weight of them will not seem as heavy, for you will have placed them in My hand. Remember, victory is a state of mind.

can help you to look at everything through My eyes, in a positive manner. So what if you don't get what you want, or don't get to do everything you think you need to in order to be happy! I have a better way, a grander plan, and I know best.

So what if you feel you're not as skilled as others or as talented in whatever areas you think you need to be talented in! I am the Boss, I created you as My worker, and I know best.

seek to take away the tinted glasses through which you've been looking at past situations and the people around you. These glasses make everything seem dark and full of despair; they make life seem like it's biased against you, and make you feel like you've gotten a raw deal.

These glasses make you feel sorry for yourself, and resentful of others, because they seem to have been handed an unfair advantage. These glasses block out the problems and burdens other people bear, and you only see that others have things or opportunities or relationships that you wish you had. Then you begin to question My plan in your life, or My love for you, because you think you'd be happy if you had all those things you covet in other people's lives.

hese glasses have prevented you from receiving all the contentment and happiness that I could give you.

I want you to have joy in serving Me, and I want you to trust Me that everything I send your way is for your good—that even if something looks like a stone, it's bread, simply because it came from My hand.

Then you won't look on the things of others and wish I'd given you blessings you see others receiving, because you'll realize that I have every good thing in My hand for you, and it's but a matter of timing in your life as to when you can receive those blessings.

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