Happiness Quotes
Formula 2

Happiness Formula #2: Pass The Love On

All happiness quotes are from Jesus, unless otherwise noted

hat's the secret to happiness?—Giving, unselfishness, and making others happy, because it all comes back to you. Making others happy makes you happy. That's one of God's spiritual laws, just like gravity is a law of the earth. Sometimes it takes a while, but it's never left unfulfilled.

--M. Fontaine

eek happiness and you will find her. How do you seek happiness and find her? By forgetting your own self, happiness, and personal desires. Seek and strive to care for others and bring happiness to them, and then happiness will find you!

he way to be happy is to make others happy, and the way to be happiest is to make Me happy above all others. I am the Maker of happiness, even as I am the Maker of love, and while they may seek and find thrills of the flesh, it cannot give them happiness of spirit; for that is Mine to give, and I give it to those who seek to bring happiness to Me.

hen you live for Me, I enhance the pleasures you experience with My Spirit. You're putting one of My spiritual laws into effect—that when you give unselfishly and you try to make others happy, then happiness finds you. And not only does true happiness find you, but I enhance your joys and thrills and make them even more spectacular, lasting, and fulfilling. It's all part of My rewards to you for putting Me first, putting My Spirit first, putting love and giving and unselfishness first.

odliness with contentment is great gain. The simple pleasures of this life of loving one another, serving one another, sacrificing for one another, and giving love to one another, are the road to true happiness. Though this road has trials, battles and obstacles to overcome, it also avoids many deep pitfalls, sidetracks, and dangerous territories, full of trouble and difficulties. So rejoice that you're on the right road, and let no man take away your joy and happiness and service to Me.

ost people just want to be happy, but the way to be happy is not to seek happiness for yourself; the way to be happy is to look for another to make happy! And the way to be happier yet is to make the Lord happy by yielding to His will. Remember, only the Lord really knows what's best, and only He knows what will bring you real, true happiness and satisfaction in the long run.


od's answer to the problems of today as well as to the problems of the past has always been so simple, so childlike, so easy that many could not even believe it!—That the simple Love of God and each other could solve all of our problems!

But that is still God's solution for today, even in such a complex and confused and highly complicated society as that of the world of today! It's still just that simple: If we love God, we can love each other, and even respect ourselves as His creation! We can then follow His rules of life, liberty, and the possession of happiness, and all will be well and happy in Him!


he whole idea is so simple and so childlike that Jesus Himself said that you must become as a little child to enter His spiritual Kingdom of joy and happiness, a blissful state of mind and spirit and even physical and material well-being—the spiritual Kingdom of God on earth! In fact, He told a learned Doctor of the Law, "Except ye become as a little child, ye shall in no wise enter into the Kingdom of Heaven!" He even said, "Except a man be born again, he cannot even see or understand the Kingdom of God!"


ictory and happiness don't come when everything in your life is peachy. Victory and happiness are the blessed results of living more in the realm of the supernatural than the natural. You're happiest when you choose not to allow the things of this Earth to get you down, when you choose to rise above.

ising above means you can have total victory, happiness, and My spirit of joy and delight all the time. There are no limits to the happiness you can have in life once you've learned to rise above.

y loves, your joy, your happiness in Me, should be one of the constants in your life. If it's not, if it's missing, if you find it comes and goes, then something is wrong. Because regardless of your circumstances, regardless of what is going on around you, joy in your heart, joy in your life, is one of the things I've promised you. It's one of the fundamentals of knowing Me and being Mine. So when you are lacking that joy, that should be an automatic sign to you that something is off, that something isn't right.

It all comes back to spelling J.O.Y. (Jesus, Others, You) Putting Me first and obeying Me falls into that category, as well as keeping things in My spirit, then putting the needs of others next, and yourself and even your personal preferences and desires, last. That's the way to be truly happy and to hit the bull's eye!

f you try to run around finding happiness and fulfillment for yourself, it will elude you. But if instead you go through life trying your best to serve Me and make others happy, happiness and fulfillment will chase and catch up with you. It's the great paradox of life.

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