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All happiness quotes are from Jesus, unless otherwise noted

f you would find complete happiness and satisfaction, if you would find the fulfillment that you so desire, remember your first love—Me and the Word. This is as a deep well of great happiness, and you can dip into it freely, for it is a well that never runs dry.

ou'll be met with disappointment and frustration time and again if you allow your happiness and well-being to be dependent on things or people, because all of those other things will fail at some time or another.

If you're double-hearted and double-minded, you'll live in a constant state of indecision and you'll be unstable in all your ways. But if your heart and life are fixed firmly on Me, then you'll be able to stand strong; come what may, you'll not falter.

would that your motto for this year would be, "None of these things move me." I would that the cares of this world and the cares of this life be dim, as nothing, in comparison with your love for Me and the Word.

Put your hand in Mine, lean heavily on Me, and have Me and the work at hand constantly before your face. Let not your heart be troubled and be not distracted with the things of life that are temporal, but seek to fill your life, your time, your thoughts, your everything, with the true, eternal values of My Spirit and My Kingdom!

emember that the things of this life, earthly relationships and cares, and the things that can so easily drag you down and distort your vision, are of so little importance and little worth when compared with the things of eternity.

eek to be heavenly minded. Fight to be heavenly minded. Work to be heavenly minded. Let Me rewire you and give you new habits and a new outlook so that you might be constantly aware of My Spirit, constantly feeling My presence, constantly looking to Me, constantly wanting to please Me and have Me in first place in your life. Fall so deeply in love with Me that all other relationships and desires will be subordinate to this great love that you have for Me, your Heavenly Husband.

am the giver of true joy, true happiness, and true love. I am what makes life worth living. So the more of Me you have and share with others, the richer your life will be, and the more worth living. Please accept that! Please receive it! Please live it!

he more you talk about Me and bring My Word and praise and prayer into your everyday conversations and fellowship, the happier and fuller those times will seem, and you'll want to do whatever you can to make yet more of your life and fellowship centered around the things that matter most to you. You'll become obsessed with Me and with My love and with making Me a part of everything—and that's when you'll be really and truly happy.

he best way to make the things of the Spirit more predominant in your life is just to do it. … As you step out by faith and put the things of the Spirit more in the forefront, they will grow on you and you will begin to feel the happiness and peace that comes from a strong spiritual life.

ontinued desperation with Me ensures that you'll always come to Me, you'll always want to receive My seeds, you'll always want to love Me as My bride, you'll always want to put Me first.

Desperation is a matter of the heart, and if you don't have this inner desperation and desire for Me and Me alone, then you'll never be truly happy.

People ask, “How can I be constantly desperate with You and yet still be happy, still have fun, still enjoy life?” It depends on what sort of happiness, fun and enjoyment you seek. You can have a measure of happiness and fun without desperation, but the true, long-lasting happiness and joy you seek can only be found and held on to through having the spirit of desperation.

our happiness lies in becoming what I want to make you and partaking of My Spirit to the point that you allow it to change you.

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