Happiness Quotes

Happiness Formula #1: Get Your Dose of Jesus

All happiness quotes are from Jesus, unless otherwise noted

Inspiring lettering graphic s you spend time in My temple, I refresh your spirit.

As you lie in My arms like a little child, I comfort you and refill your love cup.

As you take time to hear My voice, I renew you and give you clarity of vision.

As you take time in My Word, I strengthen you for the battle.

As you take time to love others, I pour into you and renew your happiness and satisfaction.

As you obey My hints to do the humble thing, I fill you with peace and sweet contentment.

As you work to get out My Words to the hungry, I reward you and give you all that you need.

As you pray for others, I pour down My blessings upon them and upon you.

As you praise Me, I help you to see things more as I see them.

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ou see? You give to Me, and I give back to you much more in return—those things which money cannot buy, which works cannot gain, which striving cannot bring.

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ife can be a rough and strange road to walk down at times. It's an odd thing, life; you have your ups and your downs. The key to true happiness, not the fleeting kind, is to not let yourself be carried by every whim, by every fleeting feeling.

eep your heart firmly set upon the rock of My Word so that when these waves of emotion come—whether happy or sad—your foundation is sure. Then you can weather those emotions with the comfort and security of knowing that I am in control, and that through the power of the keys and with the new weapons in your hands, you can rise above anything in your life.

Whether you feel happy or sad is not really the issue. The most important things are how much you love Me and how close you are to Me, and once you have your foundation sure, then these little things will be much easier to survive.

Whether you feel this way or that doesn't really matter, because you love Me and you're looking to Me. You've got your priorities straight. Trust Me and I will take care of the rest!

aithful, consistent, quality time with Me is the key to everything else in life. It's the key to productivity. It's the key to wisdom.

It's the key to having your works remain, rather than being destroyed by the first opposing storm (Mat.7:2427). It's the key to My blessing. It's the key to leading a balanced life. It's the key to happiness. It's the key to loving and fruitful relationships with co-workers or loved ones. It's the key to everything good!

should always come first. Your happiness should come from Me; it shouldn't be contingent on anything else—not a person, place or thing.

You have the tendency to allow surrounding circumstances to affect and at times determine your happiness. This is sad. It's sad not only because it hurts and saddens Me when I don't have first place, but it's also sad for you because you'll never find true, lasting happiness in anything else but Me. Only I can truly satisfy you.

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