Keys to Happiness
Quotes to Make Your Day!

These happiness quotes have been taken from articles written by Maria Fontaine, and a collection of messages from Jesus, under the title of ‘Happiness Formulas'

Ever wonder how to be truly happy??

Inspiring lettering graphic owadays there are so many advertised methods for “attaining” happiness and fulfillment in your life, it can get pretty confusing knowing who to listen to and what advice to follow.

I’m not here to confuse you even more and get your head spinning all over again.

But I honestly believe that in order to truly be happy, you need to find out how from the only One who can give you TRUE, complete and total happiness, no matter what your circumstances and surroundings are.

Jesus created this beautiful world and everything that’s in it for our enjoyment and happiness, I think it’s in all of our best interests to learn to truly appreciate and enjoy our lives in their entirety, even when things seem to go wrong!

We can start out by knowing that we have a very HAPPY God that wants us to be truly happy, in Him, in each other, in His creation and in our lives.

I won’t say I have the monopoly on the authority on this topic, but I can give you some very good suggestions!! Try these simple Happiness Formulas, they might completely change your life, outlook, and perspective! I hope so anyway!!

Here is a short intro from the Man Himself:

Inspiring lettering graphic appiness is a part of My joy. Although sometimes you naturally feel happier than at other times, your lives for Me should be happy. That doesn't mean they'll be smooth, but they should be happy. The more you learn to look at things the way I do, the happier you will be!


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