I want you wish you a wonderful New Year, full of surprises, challenges, happiness,and incredible experiences that will change your life for good forever, your best year yet.

A big happy hug to you, from us here at Spark-Of-Inspiration.com

Joana Tomaz

Happy New Year

Taking on the challenges of the New Year is often likened to climbing a mountain: Although it's a lot of hard work and potentially dangerous, it holds special rewards for those who rise to the challenge and don't quit till they reach the summit.

--Curtis Van Gorder

New Year's Wishes

What shall I wish you? Treasures of earth? Songs in the springtime? Pleasures and mirth? Flowers on your pathway, Skies ever clear? Would this ensure you A happy new year?

What shall I wish you? What can be found Bringing you sunshine All the year round? Where is the treasure, Lasting and dear, That shall ensure you A happy new year?

Faith that increases, Walking in light; Hope that's abounding, Happy and bright; Love that is perfect, Casting out fear; These shall ensure you A happy new year.

Peace in the Savior, Rest at His feet, Smile of His countenance Radiant and sweet. Joy in His presence! Christ ever near! This will ensure you A happy new year!

—Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-1879), adapted

As the year comes to a close, as the New Year comes in, it's good to sit down and ask yourself, "What have I accomplished this past year? Have I done my best for Jesus, when He has done so much for me?"

Has it been a year that you're thankful for because you're sure Jesus is pleased with it?

The New Year is also a good time to count your blessings. What from the past year are you most thankful for? What prayer or hope do you have for the New Year? What promise from His Word do you claim for the New Year?


Happy New Year