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(All messages from Jesus quoted here are excerpts from the “From Jesus with Love Gift book™ ”)

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The joy of the Lord is your strength!

It is My will that you find great joy and great pleasure in serving Me and loving Me.

It makes Me happy when I see you enjoying yourself, when I see you happy and laughing.

I love to see you laugh. I love to see you happy.

So be happy and enjoy yourself and enjoy life. Enjoy your meals, enjoy your house, enjoy your recreation, enjoy your work, enjoy your times together.

For in enjoying these, you are enjoying Me. I love to see you happy. So be happy.

Don't be afraid to laugh and enjoy yourself.

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avigating the maze

As the world becomes more complicated, you must have Me to get you through the maze of these complications.

You must look to Me for guidance, direction and help. I can show you things that you cannot see with your eyes. I can show you many things that you do not know.

The world will marvel at your wisdom, at your knowledge, at your understanding, if you will but seek Me and hear from Me.

So do not be afraid to ask. Were you afraid to ask your father or mother questions when you were young, when you didn't know the answer and you needed to know? No. You had no fear, you just asked and they answered. So it is with Me.

Become more sensitive to Me and to My Spirit. Keep your spiritual antenna upward, always listening, for I have much to say.

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