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(All messages from Jesus quoted here are excerpts from the “From Jesus with Love Gift book™ ”)

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I am so in love with you that I overlook all your faults and failures.

I am blind with love—love that sees beyond your shortcomings and mistakes, love that only sees the good and the possibilities that others do not recognize.

I do not have a great big stick standing by, ready to wallop you at your slightest failing. I do not stand ready and waiting for you to trip and fall that I may whack you back in line.

How could I? For I, too, walked in your shoes.

I, too, took on the cloak of human flesh that I might know and feel and understand everything about you.

I know the frustrations you feel, your every longing, the incapability of your human flesh, and even your secret sins.

I feel your humanness, and because of this, I have promised that I will have mercy upon you. My thoughts toward you are thoughts of peace, forgiveness, long-suffering and compassion.

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Inspiring Lettering

ove without limits

I wish to teach you greater love, to open your eyes to unconditional love, that you may learn about it, that you may partake of it, that you may apply it, and that you may learn to love others unconditionally.

I wish for you now to look upon each person as I look upon them—with endless love, immeasurable love, love that is past understanding, forgiving love, understanding love, unconditional love—that you may learn to love as you have been loved.

Learn to love others with the same kind of love that has brought you through many tight places—the love that has given you strength to go on, the love that has helped you to forgive, the love that has helped you to open your heart—My love.

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