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(All messages from Jesus quoted here are excerpts from the “From Jesus with Love For Women™ ” Gift book)

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When life gets to be too much, when everything around you seems to be falling apart, when you feel that nothing you do helps, what should you do?-Think about Me. Think about how much I love you. Think about My power. Think about all your blessings, and thank Me.

You can praise your way right out of a bad mood! If you thank Me for all the good things in your life, the negative feelings will dissipate.

You may sometimes find yourself in situations where there doesn't seem to be anything at all good to thank Me for. Well, then thank Me for the good that will eventually come out of the bad, because if you love Me, sooner or later it will.

That's explained in the Bible, in Romans 8:28: "All things work together for good to those who love God." I can bring good out of anything.

Let Me change your difficult day into a happy one. You can always find something to thank Me for. Praise Me for one thing, and you'll usually be reminded of another, and another.

Happiness will find you as you focus on Me and on the positive.

Inspiring Sunflower

Inspiring Lettering

ove's Boomerang

A gift isn't a gift if it needs to be repaid. The same is true of love. True love doesn't expect anything in return.

Perhaps you love someone, but he doesn't love you in the same way. That's sad, but it's not always a reason to stop loving him.

It may mean it's time for you to move on, but maybe he needs your love and support more than either of you realize.

Giving love is sometimes like throwing a boomerang. The boomerang goes sailing off and it looks like you've seen the last of it, but then when you least expect it, that boomerang comes back to you!

Herein is love's deepest magic: Love that gives unselfishly without expecting anything in return, love that gives of its own happiness in order to make someone else happy, love that gives up its own wants in sacrificial love for another, will always be returned. If others don't return it, I will--and no one loves like I do!

Don't be afraid that you'll run out of love to give, because if you ask Me to keep filling you up, I will. I have all of the love you'll ever need, and then some.

Inspiring Sunflower

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