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(All messages from Jesus quoted here are excerpts from the “From Jesus with Love—Who Cares?™ ” Gift book)

Inspiring lettering eeling Labeled?

Do you sometimes feel like you must be wearing a sign that says "Lazy!" "Irresponsible!" or "Not to Be Trusted!"? Worse yet, maybe you feel like it must say "Loser!" or "Bad Person!" because of the way some people treat you.

Or maybe all it says is "Young Person," and that's bad enough. People misjudge or mistrust you because of some rumor they heard, or something you did one time, or just because they have something stuck in their heads about people your age.

It's natural to think, "If they already have their minds made up about me, what's the use of even trying?"

But don't accept your "fate" like that. You can prove yourself, if you determine to do so.

The label won't necessarily get peeled off in the first go. If you've had a certain bad reputation for a while, it'll probably take time and several attempts to win people's confidence.

But if the way you act shows a difference, eventually people will catch on, and those labels will get peeled off for good.

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Inspiring lettering

hoose Your World

Would you rather live somewhere where the sun never shines, where it's always cloudy and gray, where people are always complaining and never seem to find anything to be happy about?

Or would you rather live where it's always nice and bright and sunny, where cool breezes blow, and where the people are happy and smiling and full of life?

Believe it or not, the choice is up to you, because I've given you the freedom to choose exactly what kind of world you will live in.

In fact, you do choose, all the time. Whenever you choose to look at things negatively or with a critical attitude, you're walking right into that dreary gray world of negativity, where everything always seems to go wrong.

But whenever you choose to be positive and hopeful about things, it's as if you've decided to move to a totally different world, a place that's bright and happy, where, no matter what happens, everything is bound to work out okay.

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