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(All messages from Jesus quoted here are excerpts from the “From Jesus with Love—Who Cares?™ ” Gift book)

Inspiring lettering ou Didn't Come from a Cookie Cutter

I know you want to be original. You want to be unique, special, and smart.

You want to think of things nobody else has thought of and say things nobody else has said.

You want to dress to suit your own tastes. You want to make your mark on the world.

I also know how frustrating it can be when you feel like those around you are trying to make you be just like everybody else, or when it seems like nobody is interested in your ideas and thoughts, or your feelings.

You know what? I'm interested—-really interested! I made you different from anyone else.

When I created you, I didn't use a cookie cutter! There's never been anyone else like you.

I don't want you to be just like everybody else, or just like anybody else.

I love you just the way you are, and I've made you that way for a special reason. I want you to find that reason, and make the most of what I've given you and the special way I've made you.

Inspiring sunflower

Inspiring lettering

n Ocean of Emotion

Do you find yourself moodier than you ever felt before? Do you often feel like you're swimming in an ocean of emotion--if not almost drowning in one?

You're going through a lot of changes at this stage of life, and things are happening to you and all around you that you've never experienced quite this way before.

Sometimes clear out of the blue, you find yourself feeling angry or upset about almost nothing. It's part of life, part of growing up, part of learning to understand yourself.

But never fear-your Lifeguard is here! Call out to Me, and I'll be right there in the water with you. I'll keep you from going under. I'll teach you how to stay afloat.

Better yet, I'll teach you how to ride the waves! When they're tossing you around, the waves look pretty scary, but you can learn how to ride the crest, how to control the waves, and not let them control you. You can stay on top!

Inspiring sunflower

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