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(All messages from Jesus quoted here are excerpts from the “From Jesus with Love—Who Cares?™ ” Gift book)

Looking for a friend who cares? Having problems and wondering who can help you out a little?

What if I told you that today you could meet someone who's a whole lot of fun to be with, who knows everything there is to know, and who happens to think that you're pretty terrific?

Jesus IS that friend. Check out some of the things He has to say about YOU—and not least of all, how to be happy!

inspired lettering y Lovable Disaster

Perfect and wonderful--that's the way I see you. You say, "Aw, come on now, I'm such a mess." Well, yes, you are a mess, but you're a wonderful mess.

I love messes. They're so easy for Me to love, and to work with. I look at you and I see you as wonderful and perfect, because I can see the end from where you are now.

Even though right now you feel like a disaster, I can see all that you're going to be. But I still love you just the way you are right now, and I'm proud of you.

You may feel like a weed sometimes, but you're really My sunflower, a giant of a flower growing taller, stronger, and more beautiful all the time.

Inspiring sunflower

Inspiring lettering

ot Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed?

Things aren't working out very well today. You're having one problem after another-nagging little things that maybe wouldn't matter so much if you were in a better mood, but today they feel like the end of the world! You don't mean to bark at people or give them a hard time, but you can't seem to help it.

There's a saying, "You can't keep the birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair."

Unfortunately, when the first little "grump bird" came flying over your head this morning, you let him land and start building his nest, and now you're caught in a vicious cycle of grumpiness.

But you can break the cycle. As soon as you ask Me to help you snap out of it, I'll help you do just that.

There are always going to be bumps, obstacles, and nagging problems that can make your day turn sour—if you let them.

Some days, it's worse than others. But you don't have to stay miserable just because things started off that way.

It's never too late to turn around and start being happy. Why not start right now?

Inspiring Sunflower

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