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(All messages from Jesus quoted here are excerpts from the “From Jesus with Love For Troubled Times™ ” Gift book)

Inspiring Lettering onsider the sparrow…

My eye is on the sparrow as she flutters about in search of food and a place to nest.

I guide her to a resting place, and she trusts Me. She doesn't worry about what she doesn't have. She just goes about her day and trusts that I will provide her needs.

How small and numerous are the sparrows, and yet I know and watch over them all. I remember and care for each one (Psalm 84:3; Matthew 6:26; 10:29).

You, My child, are far more precious to Me than all the sparrows combined, and if I show such concern for these small and seemingly insignificant birds, will I not also care for you?

I know your troubles and I understand your fears. I am here to give you faith and answer your prayers, but I need you to trust Me as the little sparrow does.

You don't see her fluttering about in a panic, worried and flurried. She is calm and peaceful, knowing that My eye is on her and I will care for her as My own.

My eye is on you, too, and I stand ready to help. So trust Me, won't you? Let Me do the worrying!

Inspiring Sunflower

Inspiring lettering

raise brings peace

Why endure another sleepless night? Why suffer from anxiety when you can give your cares to Me and I can give you peace of mind?

Even in the bleakest circumstances, I can give you amazing peace that will relieve the mental and physical stress caused by worry and fear.

My peace comes to your heart when you turn your eyes from your troubles and toward Me.

Stop worrying and think about Me. Find one thing to thank Me for—one special thing that I have done for you in the past—and praise Me for that.

Or think of the worst thing that's ever happened to you and the fact that you're still here, and turn that thought into a prayer of thanksgiving.

Even if you didn't pray at the time, even if you didn't yet know Me at the time, it was I who brought you through that situation.

I've been watching over you your whole life, and I have either helped you through or spared you from more troubles than you can imagine—just like I'm going to help you through your present problems.

The more you praise Me, the more My peace will fill your heart.

Inspiring sunflower

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