Inspirational Messages from Jesus
On Success With People

(All messages from Jesus quoted here are excerpts from the “From Jesus with Love—Success With People™ ” Gift book)

Where would we be without people? They’re interesting, intriguing, and lovable.

Slight catch though…relating to and getting along with some of them is not always that easy.

So guess who’s gonna help us once again?? Yep, you’re right…

No one understands people better than Jesus, and no one can help you build successful relationships with others like He can.

So…You wanna learn from the Master? Read on!

Inspiring Lettering Graphics t's the Little Things

When someone does something special for you, doesn't it make you feel loved?

You can do the same for others—and I'm not just talking about giving a gift on a special occasion to a special someone, although that can be wonderful too.

I'm referring to the little things that you can do for anyone, anytime, for no other reason than because you care—things that may cost you little or nothing but could mean the world to those on the receiving end.

Thoughtful gestures, especially when they are least expected, have a wonderful way of brightening people's days. They convey, "You are special."

Charity begins at home, but it shouldn't stop there. Try extending to others the kind of love and thoughtfulness you show your loved ones, and watch what a difference that can make.

Take a personal interest in those you see regularly but don't really know—the checkout clerk, the waiter, the repairman, the receptionist.

Ask about their health, their families, or their day, and then act on what they tell you.

Offer to pray for their sore back or sick child, and remember to ask for an update the next time your paths cross.

Remember birthdays with a note or special greeting.

Offer to stand in for a workmate so he can leave a little early on his anniversary—and that will make his wife happy too!

I can show you countless little things you can do for others to show them they count. What are we waiting for?

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ake someone's day

Have you ever had a bad day just because you crossed paths with someone who was in a foul mood?

Maybe it was someone on the bus or another customer in a store—someone who you normally wouldn't have even noticed—but that one grumpy or inconsiderate person cast a pall on your whole day.

On the other hand, have you ever had a day that went great and realized later that it all started when you met someone who was especially nice to you?

Maybe it was the way she smiled at you, or the way he picked up and handed you something you had dropped, or held a door open for you—only a little gesture, but one that had a positive impact on your day.

Everyone has influence. Moment by moment your attitude and level of happiness are reflected in the little things you say and do, and those are bound to affect others.

What kind of impact do you usually have?

Think of the things people have done that made your day, and make a point of doing those same things for others.

Not only will you brighten someone else's day, but you will also find that you are happier and see life more positively.

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