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(All messages from Jesus quoted here are excerpts from the “From Jesus with Love For The Golden Years™ ” Gift book)

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You're not coming to the end of your usefulness; you're just getting older.

I know your body feels old, but your spirit doesn't have to be old.-It can be fresh and alive through the power of My Spirit.

I can make life easier for you if you'll keep a positive attitude and draw your strength from Me.

Don't give in to feelings of depression and despondency. Don't languish in darkness and negativity.

You can rise above all that on the wings of prayer. Turn your heart toward your destination-Heaven. Look forward in wonder at what is to come.

When hardships come your way, look on the bright side of things. Thank Me and praise Me for all the things I've done for you thus far. I've kept you through a lifetime of difficulties, and I'm not about to abandon you now.

What am I like?--I am the spirit of love itself.

If you were to take the most loving thing that has ever happened to you and multiply that by a thousand--that would only begin to come close to understanding what I am like.

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loser than before

I do not separate loved ones through death.

I have given you a spiritual link with your loved one. Even though he is no longer with you in body, you can still feel his presence and know that he is always with you in spirit.

I will not leave you comfortless, and neither will he. He is even closer than before.

Through the years, you learned to almost read each other's mind. You knew what he was going to say or how he was going to react almost before he did, and vice versa.

Now he can actually read your mind and, just as wonderful, you can hear his voice inside as he guides your thoughts and gives you reassurances of his forever love. This is My way of allowing you to continue to be together in spirit.

But that's not all. Your loved one also wants to help you learn to be more heavenly minded. He has already entered into the joys and rewards of Heaven, and he wants to share a little foretaste of that with you now.

So you see, your loved one's passing wasn't the end of your relationship, but the beginning of an even fuller and deeper one-a spiritual relationship.

I will wipe the tears from your eyes on that day when we meet face to face, and you will be united again with those you love who have gone on ahead of you.

Before long, you and your loved one will be together again on this side of the veil--the veil that now separates your world from this heavenly one--and you will live forever in the beautiful home I have prepared for you.

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