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(All messages from Jesus quoted here are excerpts from the “From Jesus with Love For The Golden Years™ ” Gift book)

Inspiring Lettering nvesting in the future

I've seen everything that you have ever done for others, and I haven't forgotten any of it.

I am like a faithful accountant, and I make note of all these things in My book.

Every kind word, every bit of love, and every unselfish deed is entered into My book.

I also see every affliction, every hardship, every wrong you endure, and every trying of your faith. These are also recorded in My book.

In all of these things, you have been investing in eternity.

You have given here and there, but you don't realize how much you have invested or how much interest your investment is earning for you.

In the day of accounting, when I tally the books and you see how much you have stored up in the next life, you just might be surprised at the rewards that await you!

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Never alone

I've walked with you your whole life. I've been there at each turn.

You haven't always felt My presence and you've sometimes wondered exactly where I was or if I was around at all, but no matter what you felt like or where you've been, I've always been near you.

Sometimes I've even carried you. So what makes you think I'm going to stop caring for or being with you now? I'm as near as I've always been--just a whispered prayer away--and you are just as dear to Me.

All things work together for good in the lives of those who love Me.

Please trust that everything I allow to come your way is for a good purpose--even things that don't seem very good at first.

One day you will see the good in everything. I promise.

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