Special Messages From Jesus
Encouragement and Comfort
for your Golden Years—Page 1

(All messages from Jesus quoted here are excerpts from the “From Jesus with Love For The Golden Years™ ” Gift book)

Inspiring lettering o much to give

Your later years can be the ones of greatest fulfillment and greatest love.

So many others can benefit from your wisdom, experience, and understanding of the true values of life.

You see things more clearly now, for the frivolous cares of life have been replaced by a keener appreciation of the things that really matter.

This is something I want you to pass on to others, especially those who are struggling through the prime of life.

While they may have energy, strength, ambition, and material success, almost without exception they don't have the wisdom and depth that you have.

They couldn't possibly, because they haven't lived as much of life as you have.

The deeper things in life can only be gained through experience, which takes time. Open the storehouse of your heart and give to others from the treasures there.

Inspiring sunflower

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orever young

A heart that's filled with love never grows old.

Keep your heart filled with love-love for Me and love for others-and you will have found the fountain of youth.

If some of your dreams are still before you, then you have not grown old.-You still have things to look forward to and to live for.

As long as you are still learning, you are still living.

It's better to be a hundred years young than forty years old.

Age is a state of mind. If your heart and mind are young, you are young.

Don't ever give up on living just because you can't do all that you used to.

You wouldn't still be there if I didn't have something for you to do and didn't think you could do it.

Find out what I have for you now, and put your heart into it.

Inspiring Sunflower

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